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Three Schools of Thought on Enterprise Architecture

Three schools of thought on enterprise architecture exist, each with its own belief system (definitions, concerns, assumptions, and limitations). A novel taxonomy of these schools creates a starting point for resolving terminological challenges to help establish enterprise architecture as a discipline. Scope & purpose: Brief comparison among schools of thought: Authors: If organisations are to…

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Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture Framework is a set of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that constitutes a way of looking at enterprise reality via views on (architecture) models. It offers a fundamental structure, serving as a scaffold for developing, maintaining, and using EA. Zachman Framework Zachman visualises the entire enterprise at one glance. All aspects are treated…

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Enterprise SOA for Big Data Service

Introduction to ESARC: ESARC Business & Information Reference architecture: ESARC Business & Information Reference architecture metamodel: ESARC Information Systems Reference architecture: Source: Alfred Zimmermann et al, Towards Service-oriented Enterprise Architectures for Big Data Applications in the Cloud, IEEE International Enterprise Distributed Object Computing Conference Workshops, 2013.

Cloud-Based Enterprise IT

Trends: Cloud IT commercialisation Cross-enterprise collaboration IT as Enterprise Integrator Service-centric IT Ecosystem Hybrid IT Portfolio Five-phase approach (adapting ITIL methodology): Strategy: Our approach starts by identifying business needs and then defines the service capabilities and parameters necessary to support the business. Design: The enterprise identifies the necessary services and selects potential service providers. This…

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